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Material Handling, conveyor, rollers conveyor, belt conveyor, Gravity conveyors, Telescopic conveyor, pallet conveyor, Stainless conveyor
 Material handling rollers Material handling rollers
 Gravity conveyors Gravity conveyors
 Driven roller conveyors Driven roller conveyors
 Heavy loads and pallet conveyors Heavy loads and pallet conveyors
 Belt conveyors Belt conveyors
 Telescopic conveyors Telescopic conveyors
 Special features Special features
 Conveyors options Conveyors options
Stands and feet Stands and feet
Vertically adjustable stand (▒ 100 mm) ▒ 100 mm, simple
Vertically adjustable reinforced stand (▒100 mm) ▒ 100 mm, reinforced
Vertically adjustable stand (▒ 100 mm) with casters ▒ 100 mm, with caster wheels
Vertically adjustable stand (▒ 50 mm) on jacking screws ▒ 50 mm, adjustable jacking screws
Vertically adjustable (▒ 50 mm) bipod / tripod ▒ 50 mm, bipod/tripod
Fixed height stand Fixed
Guides Guides
End stops End stops
 Stainless conveyors Stainless conveyors

Fixed height stand Imprimer de la fiche produit du <Fixed height stand

The standard foot is made of folded sheet steel.

Finish: Heat-cured epoxy coating.
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